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April 23, 2024: the first ‘dictation’

The Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation informs that on Saturday, April 27, 2024, at 5:00 pm, the community of brothers of the Order of Servants of Mary will celebrate Holy Mass in the Chapter Chapel of the SS. Annunziata in Florence in memory of the first “dictation” of April 23, 1943.

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[On April 22, Maria Valtorta had a vision in which]

«[…] Jesus, my Master, with his soundless word, tells me that more than ever my place is at the foot of his cross. I must draw life from his Blood alone…. And my task is only that of being incense at the foot of his throne as Redeemer. Incense which, with its fragrance, covers the stench of sin, wickedness, and cruelty exhaled by the earth. Incense does not give off fragrance except by burning and being consumed. And I must do the same.

He also tells me that the flower can attract other gazes to his Cross, bend other creatures under the rain of his Blood. This is the flower’s task in regard to her neighbor and God. Loving reparation to Jesus and attraction to Jesus of many hearts, by agreeing to live for this purpose in an arid desert, alone with the cross.[…] »

[Jesus to Maria Valtorta, on April 23, 1943:]

«[…] Oh, if men even now were capable of turning to Me, who am salvation! I desire nothing but this and I weep because I see nothing is able to make them lift up their heads to Heaven, from which I am extending my arms towards them. […] » (The Notebooks. 1943]

*   *

[January 6, 1950:]

The Holy Spirit says:

« […] If He speaks, you write. If He is silent, you do not write. For you are not a counterfeiter of extraordinary things. For you are not a madwoman who takes words and visions deriving from delirium to be supernatural words and supernatural visions. You are the instrument, the spokesman. And an instrument is inactive until the artificer takes it into his hands to have it carry out a task. And a spokesman has no voice until the Voice fills it with Itself so that he will spread it around the world. This is what you are, and nothing else.

“And the new words, after the long silence, are a reply, to tell the truth to the blind with their eyes covered by the scales of their carnality, who see as their thought, which is not good, sees, not, indeed, as reality is, for they are blind. They see the outside and do not know what is occurring between the Divine Spirit and the spirit of the servant of God. They see the apparent silence, but cannot penetrate into the divine motives for that silence, for the carnal man cannot penetrate with his opaque heaviness into the mysteries of the Light made Word. […]» (The Notebooks. 1945-1950)


Quaderno di Maria Valtorta


• Also read the In memory of the first dictation from Jesus to Maria Valtorta, by Emilio Pisani.


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