Papa Pio XII

“Those who read it will understand” (Pope Pius XII)

(Pope Pius XII in his study in the Vatican)

* * *

(a note by Emilio Pisani)

On January 14th 2022, David Murray, founder of the “Maria Valtorta Readers’ Group”, died in Melbourne, Australia. In February, he would have been 90 years old. A message from Catherine, his assistant in the Valtorta Readers’association, communicated that he passed away “peacefully”.

We remember him as a peaceful person during meetings, when he used to come to Italy to visit Maria Valtorta’s places: her bedroom in her house in Viareggio, her grave in the chapel of the church of Ss Annunziata in Florence, the book centre in Isola del Liri. Peacefully and lovingly, David Murray disseminated Maria Valtorta’s Work in the minds and hearts of Australian readers.

In the same month of January, in Ferrara, Marisa Guidoboni also passed away. For decades, Marisa was a quiet disseminator of Maria Valtorta ‘s volumes. The Centro Editoriale Valtortiano [Maria Valtorta’s official publisher] reported receiving a last call from Marisa regarding a book order on Monday 3rd January, as if she had been waiting for the reopening of the centre with trepidation, after the Christmas break.

We don’t know what circle of friendships and acquaintances allowed Marisa Guidoboni to spread Maria Valtorta’s Work. What was well-known was her enthusiasm. When Marta Diciotti was still alive, Marisa used to organise pilgrimages for readers from Ferrara by coach, so they would travel to Viareggio to visit Maria Valtorta’s House. Marisa used to also attend Valtortian events, where we were able to meet her in person.

Maria Valtorta’s Work is meant to be read. It was wisely said that whoever reads it will understand what no presentation could explain. Blessed are the readers of all times who understood the importance of reading it. Whether privately or through public events, they simply promoted the reading of this Work.


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