The mission of the Heritage Foundation is to evangelise through the reading of the literary work of Maria Valtorta so as to illustrate the life of Jesus Christ – who lived with His Apostles, Disciples, His S.S. Mother and people in general – with the aim of forming women and men transformed in their behaviour according to the teachings of Jesus.

“Now we must continue the illustration of the Gospel for this poor Catholic world that no longer knows how to see the Gospel as the heavenly pearl of every sacred culture, the indispensable, the insuperable”.

Maria Valtorta, The Notebooks. 1944 (November 14)

This will be done abiding by the following objectives:

  • Share the moral and spiritual values ​​of the Maria Valtorta’s literary work in the name of universal brotherhood.
  • Maintain the literary integrity of Maria Valtorta’s work, without any transformation or dismemberment.
  • Translate the work into all the languages ​​of the world.
  • Expand the Heritage Foundation in all continents in order to create a Valtortian network in order to evangelise. A network that maintains perfect adherence to the writings of Maria Valtorta, showing unity in the methods and content of evangelisation.
  • Preserve and propose every memory of the person of Maria Valtorta as an asset of public interest.
  • To preserve and protect the original manuscripts of Maria Valtorta, to validate that everything printed complains with the originals. To take care of the maintenance and management of the Valtorta house-museum in Viareggio – living testimony of the events that in there happened so that it can continue to be open to visitors, who come from all over Italy and the world, and so that also can host cultural activities aimed at getting to know the Valtortian writings.

The good among you will receive a holy joy from this work.
The honest scholars a light.
The absent-minded, who are not wicked, a pleasure.
The wicked a means to give vent to their evil science.

Maria Valtorta, The Notebooks. 1945-1950 (April 7, 1945)