The team members of the board of directors are all volunteers and carry out the tasks entrusted to them without any proceeds. A large number of volunteers work alongside the members, without whom the HeritageFoundation would struggle to exist.



Emilio Pisani

Emilio Pisani was born in Isola del Liri (Frosinone, Italy) on 11 March 1935, preceded by three sisters and followed by a brother. His father Michele, future editor of Maria Valtorta, was the only brother of many sisters, one of whom became a nun. His mother Fidalma Bottoni, also from a large family, had a brother whom was a priest.
Emilio grew up practicing in his father’s printing company since he was a child, which was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century by Arturo Macioce, an expert typographer from nearby Arpino (Cicero’s homeland) and husband of Giulia Pisani, the eldest daughter of Michele’s sisters. Michele became partner of his brother-in-law, setting up the STAMP (Arturo Macioce & Pisani Printing Company). Emilio never knew through which channels the “Macioce e Pisani” had come to print books on behalf of Roman Catholic circles: religious institutes, general curias of religious orders, Catholic associations, papal publishers and even some Vatican dicasteries.
The damage caused by the passage of the Second World War and the advanced age of Arturo Macioce led to the dissolution of the Company in 1946. Michele Pisani resumed the activity under the new name of “Tipografia Editrice M. Pisani”, continuing to serve qualified Roman customers, from which he learned of the existence of the work of Maria Valtorta, whom was looking for a publisher.
The continuation of the story is known, which sees the person of Emilio and his almost congenital partnership with Valtorta and her work. Less known are certain details of his biography, such as his degree in law, achieved with little appeal to the legal profession and with a thesis in criminal law that clashed with his job as an editor of religious writings: Obscene publications and shows.
There have been two significant factors in his life. The first is having sold his share of inheritance (fifty percent) of his father’s company to his brother Ettore to devote himself exclusively to the care of Valtortian publications. The second is having met and married Claudia Vecchiarelli, with whom he created the Valtortiano Publishing Center in 1985 and the Foundation in 2010, sharing with her efforts and successes, satisfactions and bitterness in the complex and demanding Valtortian enterprise. Claudia left an unbridgeable void by dying prematurely in 2012.
Emilio Pisani is also a lover of historical memories, which he annotates and publishes. In particular, we can refer to two of his books: Pros and cons Maria Valtorta and Letters to Claudia.

Bruno Forte

Lawyer Bruno Forte is specialised in civil, banking, administrative law and the protection of human rights. He is authorised to practice before all the Italian higher courts (Court of Cassation, Council of State, Constitutional Court) as well as to give assistance before the European Court of Human Rights; here, for over twenty years, he has been involved in the defence of Italian citizens and companies, unjustly violated by laws, administrative measures and judicial decisions adopted by Italy and which in our country would no longer have any chance of protection. In these respects, in Italy and in Strasbourg, he assists the parties of trials that have had an excessive duration and subjects whom have suffered damage to their assets (credits, illegitimate expropriation of properties and / or assets, legitimate expectations, loss of opportunities, etc.) in following the conflict between Italian law and the provisions of the Convention. He is a consultant for a trade union organisation of public employment of national relevance.

Daniel Fiorletta
Board Member

My name is Daniel Fiorletta. I was born on 7 August 1962 in Metz in France where I lived until adolescence. I followed my parents when they moved to Italy and completed my technical studies in Isola del Liri, where I still reside. Once school was completed, my training continued directly in the printing business, at the M. Pisani Publishing Typography. I have served there for a little over 10 years. In 1996 I joined the team of the Valtortiano Publishing Center.

In addition to the “Valtortian” commitments, I collaborate in the activities of  “San Domenico Abate” parish, where I live.

I like art in general, with a particular predilection for music. I play guitar and bass and I really enjoy singing. My mother also gave me a great passion for sport, especially rugby. From my father I inherited the dedication to work. I am separated and have two daughters, Federica and Beatrice.

What brought me here?

As a child I attended the parish of my “French” childhood, where I was an altar boy. When I arrived in Italy, I continued to attend mass on Sundays, but my partecipation certainly could not be defined as a “warm” one.

My technical training was to lead me to other goals. Then, as I started to work in the M. Pisani printing house, I had the first contact. Finally, the turning point arrived at the Valtortiano Publishing Center: there, the working week began with an hour of reading and commenting on a chapter of the major work. I began to learn more about the “story” of the Gospel, Jesus, his mother Mary, the apostles, etc.

Today I realise that I could never have decided by myself to embark in such a path. I have been collaborating with the Heritage Foundation for the past 10 years.

Vittoria Ramondelli
Board Member
Vittoria Ramondelli was born in Rome in 1981. After completing her studies in political economy she decided to change her career path, graduating in visual arts and painting. She taught drawing and painting techniques for 3 years in Rome, before moving to Paris where she reside today. Since 2015 she has been working in a Parisian contemporary art center, as head-guide for adults and as organiser of artistic activities for children. Passionate reader of Maria Valtorta for over twenty years, she had the honour and the grace of knowing Claudia and Emilio Pisani and collaborating on several occasions with the Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation. She oversaw the translation from French to Italian of the second volume of the Enigma Valtorta by Jean François Lavère.
Vittoria contributes to the Foundation’s projects as a councillor and as a French translator.

What brought me here?

Many “coincidences” have led and brought back to Maria Valtorta. At 17, thanks to my mother’s invitation and the prayers of a family friend, I started reading the Notebooks. This was the encounter with the voice of Jesus, which healed me from despair. Shortly after, another “coincidence” led my father, an architect, to design what was to be the future headquarters of the Foundation: the meeting with Claudia and Emilio Pisani and the visit to the house in Viareggio changed my life forever. Following the death of the very sweet Claudia, I was asked to continue her interrupted French translation, which led me to collaborate more closely with the Foundation.

Donata Morelli
Board Member
I was born in Florence in 1980, where I have lived almost 3/4 of my life. I have a degree in Architecture and I have practiced for 5 years as an Architect. In 2009 I moved to Australia, Brisbane, with my husband. Here I started working in the graphic and digital field. Always fascinated by marketing, I expanded my knowledge by graduating in digital marketing and worked as a creative and marketing director. Besides that, I am a mother of three children and, at the moment, I work as a freelancer.

What brought me here?

The first answer is: the Lord.

My father started talking to me about Maria Valtorta but his “insistence” almost made me move away from the idea of ​​reading anything, perhaps more out of family spite than anything else. Then I picked up the first volume of the Gospel and started reading. And everything was immediately clear.

Always driven by great curiosity, I landed on the Foundation’s website, where I read a message that they were looking for some help in developing their website. I contacted the Foundation and we started working… and here I am.

Giovanni Palladino
Board Member

Gabriele Cajano
Board Member

What brought you here?
A diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land that I made with my family in 2008. It was a journey that, together with my wife, we wanted to do to get to know the places that saw the Lord Jesus walking tirelessly to announce to the men the Gospel, that is the “Good News”. Among the pilgrims there was a colleague of mine who introduced me to the work of Maria Valtorta of which, until that moment, I had never heard of. It was a shock! Not even the visit to the Holy Land was able to transmit me what I found in The Gospel as it was revealed to me. I wondered also how it was possible that, despite living just a few kilometers from Viareggio, I never heard of Mary Valtorta before, despite my assiduous attendance of Catholic circles. I subscribed to a Valtortian mailing list on the internet to learn more, then I started making videos of conferences, events, documentaries, in order to make this extraordinary mystic and her work known. This activity, which began independently, led me to join the Foundation of don Ernesto Zucchini of Viareggio, as a board member, with whom I collaborated for some years. In 2019 I resigned because I realised that my collaboration was no longer bringing any good to the Valtortian cause, as I wasn’t sharing the board’s choices and decisions. In recent years I have had the opportunity to meet dr. Emilio Pisani and I thank him for the trust he offered me by asking me to be part of the new board of the Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation, in which I found the true Valtortian spirituality: seriousness, commitment, passion and share of intentions. I am happy to be able to continue to give my personal contribution for Maria Valtorta and for the fruit kalòs kai agathòs (“beautiful and good”) of her mystical experience.

Fiammetta Pagnanelli
Board Member

Carlo Ursillo
Board Member

My name is Carlo Ursillo, born in 1962 at Sora, a quaint town in the province of Frosinone, where I still reside. My training path is purely technical, I graduated in’ Industrial Technical Institute of Isola del Liri and later I took a course in computer science. I have multiple passions, the one for science and science fiction led me to look at the sky and its mechanisms with curiosity, prompting me to be interested in the various theories that have tried to define it. The passion for art led me to draw, paint and write poetry. I am married to Aurora and I have two children, Arianna and Alessandro.

As a boy I had various brief summer work experiences, while during the year I helped my father in his work, he was a framer. I had also a short teaching experience in a private school where I teache mathematics, electrical engineering and physics. In 1990 I joined the CEV team as a photo-compositor.

What brought me here?

In all my life, God has always been present, even if my religiosity was like that of many other boys, taken for granted and only notional. However, I remember that I had long discussions with the teacher of religion, I was interested in the figure of Jesus, that God made man who, however, always seemed to me too far from “man”. When I came to the CEV and began to read the writings of Maria Valtorta, I rediscovered that Jesus who, despite being God, for once, was really “man”. Furthermore, through the Valtortian events, I am convinced that science and faith are less distant than we think and they can collaborate by answering the first to the “how” and the second to the “why”. Furthermore, I was also captivated by the figure of Maria Valtorta, who in some way showed me the reverse path of Jesus: the one of the “human being” who rises to God, entrusting herself completely to Him.

We of the CEV have become, over time, collaborators of Emilio Pisani and Claudia Vecchiarelli in their Valtortian commitment, aware of the great importance of the writings. The involvement in the management of the archive, and in the establishment of the Foundation, made me a participant and aware of the Foundation’s great responsibility inherited from Maria Valtorta.

Corrado Zaccardelli
External secretary


These are only some of the names of volunteers that are actively helping the Heritage Foundation to pursue its fundamental mission.
We would like to thank all the silent volunteers that are spreading the knowledge of Maria Valtorta and her inestimable work.



























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