Testamentary heirs of Maria Valtorta the Order of the Servants of Mary and Marta Diciotti.
The Order of the Servants of Mary, founded in the thirteenth century in Florence and active in the world, inherited the bare property of the Valtorta house in Viareggio..

Marta Diciotti, lifelong assistant to the infirm Maria Valtorta and her confidant, inherited the manuscripts with all rights and everything else that had belonged to the mystical writer. She also had the right of life usufruct of the house. In 1998, while Marta Diciottiwas still alive, although had retired to a retirement pension for the elderly for about a year before, the Order of Servants of Mary sold the house in Viareggio to the Valtortiano Publishing Center, which later, at its own expense and with the voluntary contribution of Valtortian readers, restored it from the brackish humidity spreading from the foundations and restored it, reopening it to visitors as a house-museum.

Since 1986 Marta Diciotti had made a will in favour of the Valtortiano Publishing Center, which upon her death, in 2001, came into possession of the manuscripts and anything else that completed the inheritance of Maria Valtorta. The Valtortiano Publishing Center had been established to be the editor of the writings of Maria Valtorta. Receiving the entire inheritance of Valtorta, partly by will and partly by having purchased it, the Valtortiano Publishing Center almost identified with her person, combining the rights and duties of a publisher with the rights and duties of an author.

In 2010 Emilio Pisani and Claudia Vecchiarelli, his spouse, historical curators of the Valtortian works and owners of the Valtortiano Publishing Center established the“MARIA VALTORTA CEV onlus FOUNDATION”to re-establish the distinction between the two figures of the author and publisher and their respective roles.

As a result, the Valtortiano Publishing Center has returned to being exclusively the privileged publisher of Maria Valtorta’s works, and the to be publicised through its marketing.

On 10 February 2020, the “Maria Valtorta Cev Foundation”, commissioned by the Valtortiano Publishing Center and chaired by Emilio Pisani, changes its name to MARIA VALTORTA HERITAGE FOUNDATION.



6 OCTOBER 1952

The Contract sealed on the 6th of October 1952

“In Viareggio, between the M. Pisani Publishing House based in Isola del Liri, represented by the owner Cav. Michele Pisani of Emilio, and Miss Maria Valtorta of Giuseppe, who acts for herself, heir and successor in title for any reason, … ” this is the beginning of the publishing contract stipulated for the work of Maria Valtorta.


14 JANUARY 1985

The Centro Editoriale Valtortiano is constituted

On the 14th of January, Emilio Pisani, son of Michele – who edited the editions of Maria Valtorta’s work, published by the M. Pisani Publishing House – established, with his wife Claudia Vecchiarelli, the company Centro Editoriale Valtortiano snc, with the aim of continuing to take care of the publication of all the works by Maria Valtorta and to develop, document and spread the knowledge of her person, her writings and her ideals.


20 MAY 1986

The statute of CEV contemplated the constitution of a Foundation

The Centro Editoriale Valtortiano snc was transformed into an srl, which can be initialed “CEV srl”, with a Statute where, in a paragraph of art. 4, states: The company may also take care of the establishment of a Foundation or Body that collects the moral and material heritage of Maria Valtorta.


26 FEBRUARY 1998

The CEV purchased the house in Viareggio

The Order of Servants of Mary sold Maria Valtorta’s house in Viareggio to the CEV srl, retaining the right of usufruct in favour of Marta Diciotti, testamentary heir of Maria Valtorta.



Marta Diciotti dies

Marta Diciotti dies on the 5th of February 2001 and her testament was published with the CEV nominated to become the owner of the original manuscripts of Maria Valtorta (as well as everything in the house, from the furniture to the Valtortian documents and memories) with the consequent rights and duties of continuing to publish and disseminate, as Publisher, the works of Maria Valtorta.


19 JULY 2005

Negotiations on the constitution of the new Foundation

Emilio Pisani obtained an appointment with Gabriele Virili, to whom he asks for advice on the idea of ​​setting up a Foundation to entrust the Valtortian heritage (the heritage was inherited and owned by the CEV). Gabriele Virili, considered an expert in the field of Foundations and Associations, is an accountant from Terni who purchases many copies of Maria Valtorta’s work from the CEV to make the work known . In the meeting, which takes place in Rome, Virili confides to Pisani that he too wanted to create a Foundation that has the purpose of promoting the knowledge of the Valtortian work. The agreement raised spontaneously to create the “Maria Valtorta Foundation” together with the donation of the Valtortian heritage by the CEV and a liquid heritage by Gabriele Virili. Negotiations for the draft of a Statute begun immediately, negotiations that presented recurring difficulties, up to causing long interruptions over time, due to details desired by Gabriele Virili and not shared by Emilio Pisani.


30 MAGGIO 2009

A conference in Viareggio

A Valtortian Studies Conference was held in Viareggio, promoted by the “Accademia Valtortiana” Cultural Association in collaboration with the Valtortiano Publishing Center and with the patronage of the Municipality of Viareggio, which hosts the Conference in the hall of the Town Hall.

During a conference’s break the Mayor and Emilio Pisani, in procession with the conference’ participants, goes to the Valtorta house to uncover the plaque that was placed on the facade under the decision of the City Council and at the expense of the CEV.

The Association promoting the Conference was set up by Don Ernesto Zucchini, a priest from the diocese of Massa, who became friend with Gabriele Virili, who financially supported him in his initiatives. Don Zucchini proposed to constitute the Foundation that Pisani and Virili have planned to do together. His mediation was important in order to achieve an agreement on the final draft of the Statute. Emilio Pisani and Gabriele Virili even agreed on the candidacy of Don Zucchini as President of the new Foundation, but an irreconcilable conflict on the composition of the Board of Directors eventually convinced Emilio Pisani to become independent in setting up a Foundation to entrust Maria Valtorta’s heritage, still allowing Gabriele Virili to carry out his project with the Statute that was painstakingly agreed.



Emilio Pisani’s email

Emilio Pisani sends Gabriele Virili, and CC to Ernesto Zucchini, the following message by e-mail:

Dear prof. Virili,

I wish you all the best for the Foundation, from whose constitution my wife and I dissociate for an obvious reason. Therefore we will not be co-founders, we will not be among the administrators, we will not host the legal office here. For a common sense of justice and charity, I ask you two favours: 1) to change the name of the Foundation, so that the name of Maria Valtorta is reserved to be used by the Foundation that will collect her Heritage; 2) that the article on the Purpose is reformed and, as a consequence, point b) about the Activities is deleted. The article on the Purpose required a long work of mine, which has reached a good synthesis in its current form, which I would like to be able to use exclusively. The two changes, which I ask as a favours, are easy to implement on your side and on Don Zucchini’s part.

One more favour. Some time ago I sent you, at your request, a photocopy of two very confidential documents. I never knew, nor did I understand, how they could be used for. I trusted you and sent them to you. I still trust and ask you, simply, to destroy those photocopies and leave no trace of them. Thanks for everything.

Emilio Pisani

This is the obvious why they have withdrawn: Virili and Zucchini, rejecting the legitimate requests of Pisani and Vecchiarelli, had set up a Board of Directors that puts in minority the members of the party that would have conferred to the Foundation the Valtortian heritage of the CEV. The e-message of Emilio Pisani remained unanswered.


8 JANUARY 2010

Constitution of the Foundation wanted by G. Virili

Gabriele Virili sends by e-mail to Emilio Pisani, without any prior notice, the costitutive act of the “Fondazione Maria Valtorta onlus”, drawn up in the office of a Notary in Viareggio on December 10, 2009. Zucchini Ernesto was designated Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Foundation obtains recognition of legal entity from the Prefecture of Lucca, but the Revenue Agency does not concede the status of non-profit organisation.


19 JUNE 2010

The Heritage Foundation is constituted

The CEV srl, Emilio Pisani and his spouse Claudia Vecchiarelli, after having drawn up a new Statute, constitute the Heritage Foundation with a public deed, which they call “Fondazione Maria Valtorta CEV” having been deprived of the authority, if not the right, to call it “Foundation Maria Valtorta “. With a new public act of October 28, 2010 , the Statute undergoes an adjustment, following which the Revenue Agency registers the Foundation in the Onlus Registry (non for profit). On 29 June 2011 the Prefecture of Frosinone registered the Foundation, which became a non-profit organisation, in the register of legal entities, after Emilio Pisani had illustrated a written report with the substantial differences between its aims and those of the Foundation of the same name, which was recognised by the Prefecture of Lucca without having obtained the status of non-profit organisation.


15 JUNE 2011

The possibility of a merge

Gabriele Virili, who, by virtue of a guarantee clause included in the Statute, exercises a certain power over the Foundation he set up for three years, proposes to Emilio Pisani, who immediately joins, to merge the two Foundations into one. The purpose is not reached because Virili wants the merge of both the Foundations upon termination of both, and Pisani wants to merge the Foundations by incorporation (one merges in the other). The three years of the guarantee clause expire and all power remains in the hands of President Zucchini, to whom Emilio Pisani will unsuccessfully propose to change the name of his Foundation (calling it, for example, “Fondazione Accademia Valtortiana”) in order to allow mutual recognition with a spirit of true service to the Valtortian cause.


10 FEBRUARY 2020

Adaptation to new regulations and new name

With a public deed, the “Maria Valtorta Cev Foundation”, commissioned by the Valtortiano Publishing Center and chaired by Emilio Pisani, changes its name to “Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation” and adapts the Statute to the new legislation, which changes the name of the non-profit organization (organization non-profit of social utility) in that of ETS (third sector body) maintaining the same prerogatives.


24 JULY 2020

The newly formed Board of Directors of the “Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation ets” meets for the first time.

President: Emilio Pisani Vice president: Bruno Forte

Councillors (in alphabetical order): Gabriele Cajano, Daniele Fiorletta, Donata Morelli, Fiammetta Pagnanelli, Giovanni Palladino, Vittoria Ramondelli, Carlo Ursillo.

External secretary: Corrado Zaccardelli.