Parallel entre les évangiles canoniques et les chapitres de L’Évangile tel qu’il m’a été révélé

L’Évangile du dimanche et des jours de fêtes et relatif chapitre extrait de L’Évangile tel qu’il m’a été révélé de Maria Valtorta

Une série de paraboles de Jésus révélées à Maria Valtorta

Carte de la Palestine interactive avec les villes et les lieux de la vie de Jésus comme nous les trouvons dans L’Évangile tel qu’il m’a été révélé

Great App for all bible readers, each week a new text allows you to immerse yourself in first century life, which the apostles lived with Jesus Christ . The texts allow you to meditate, to understand the scripture,they inspire you to be proactive and to more great thingd for you and your neighbour. The app works seemlesly, and provides you with new texts each week and its always an interesting read. I cant imagine my life without it anymore. If you are not into reading bible passages , the app will nonetheless immerse you into the world of Jesus Christ and you wont be able to let go 🙂

Peter Dragula

One of the best app ever i come across in matter gospel.the narrative and explanations by valtorta on her visions of Jesus life on earth increased my faith and erased any doubts that Jesus is the Son of God a saviour and redeemer of human race as it is written in the holy bible.


Great audio and texts of the Sunday Gospel. Hope soon we can have also daily readings 🙂 Thank you

Maria Inês Gomes

Best Bible App ever! As a Follower of Jesus Christ this fabulous App gives all the requirement with various features. I suggest everyone to use it. May The King of Kings, Lord of Lords bless you all!

A Google user