The Foundation


The Foundation, recognized as a legal entity with an “onlus” qualification (non-profit organization), has one main purpose: to preserve, cherish, cure, protect, divulge and enhance, to the advantage of everyone on earth and without asking for money, Maria Valtorta’s cultural heritage, made by her moral and material heritage.


Maria Valtorta’s heirs by her will and testament were The Order of Friar Servants of Mary and Marta Diciotti.

The Order of Friar Servants of Mary, founded in the thirteenth century in Florence and active all around the world, inherited the sole ownership of the Valtorta house in Viareggio.

Marta Diciotti, Maria Valtorta’s life assistant and confidant, inherited the manuscripts with adjoining rights and anything else that had belonged to the mystical writer herself. Furthermore, she inherited the usufructuary rights of the house. Marta Diciotti then moved to a nursing home and left the house vacant for one year. So, in 1998, the Order of Servants of Mary sold the house to the Publishing Centre of Valtorta, that subsequently, at its own expenses and with the voluntary contribution of several readers of Valtorta, restored the house up to its foundations and solved all the problems which had been caused by humidity before re-opening the house to the public as a museum.

Since 1986, Marta Diciotti had had a will, leaving something to the Publishing Centre of Valtorta too, who after Diciotti’s death, in 2001, inherited several manuscripts and anything else that completed Maria Valtorta’s estate.

The CEV (Centro Editoriale Valtortiano, in English Publishing Centre of Valtorta) was formed to be the publisher of the writings of Maria Valtorta. By inheriting almost everything that belonged to Maria Valtorta, both by will and by purchasing it, the CEV identified with her own person, combining an author’s rights and duties with a publisher’s rights and duties.

In 2010, the CEV itself and the couple, Mr. Emilio Pisani and Mrs. Claudia Vecchiarelli, historical curators of the works of Valtorta and owners of the CEV, founded the “FONDAZIONE MARIA VALTORTA CEV onlus” (Maria Valtorta Foundation, a non-profit organization) to re-establish the distinction between the author and the publisher and their respective roles.

Therefore, the CEV returned to being just the privileged publisher of Maria Valtorta’s works, and now it sells them all over the world.


Accordingly, CEV srl, which is a publishing house, felt the need to entrust the Legacy of Maria Valtorta to a non-profit organization, as the CEV just wanted to simply be the publisher that publishes and commercially disseminates the works of Maria Valtorta.

This is how the Maria Valtorta Foundation was born, founded on July 19, 2010, from the will of the Publishing Centre of Valtorta (CEV), heir of the entire inheritance of Maria Valtorta, and Mr. and Mrs. Pisani, owner of the CEV and curators of the editions of Maria Valtorta’s works.

Art. no. 2 of its Statute states:

The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is focused only and exclusively on the preservation and enhancement of things of cultural and historical interest for social benefit. In particular, the Foundation – which in the articles of association inherits the property of the Valtorta house-museum in Viareggio and the ownership of the original manuscripts of Maria Valtorta’s own works with the related copyrights — has the double purpose of 1) preserving and offering every memory of the person of Maria Valtorta as an asset of public interest; 2) protecting and enhancing the dissemination of Maria Valtorta’s works for the benefit of all mankind.

The Foundation, therefore, has received from the Publishing Centre of Valtorta (CEV) the most significant part of Maria Valtorta’s legacy. This means its main purpose is to preserve that legacy and to manage it for the common good. In fact, the first aim is to “safeguard and offer,” the second one is to “preserve and enhance.” In addition to that, the Foundation is empowered to receive other parts of that legacy, as the art. no. 3 of the Statute, paragraph a) states:

… the Foundation may acquire, as an increase in its assets, property or possession of any kind of Valtortian goods, such as: unpublished manuscripts of Maria Valtorta, including letters, books, documents, objects and anything else that belonged to the Valtorta Family or constitutes testimony and memory of the person of Maria Valtorta, her family members, relatives or acquaintances, and of everything related to the writing, publication and distribution of her works.

The art. no. 3 of the Statute itself lists several activities of the Foundation, which “must render the aims fixed in the art. no. 2 efficient and operational.” The activities are reflected in the “projects” that the Foundation performs from time to time, following the criterion of priority.