The book of Azariah

April 21 - Easter Sunday, Azaria says:
I have been saying to you for over two months in our Holy Masses: "Do not fear".
And an angel does not say vain flattery. It says what is true.
In the Name of God I, your guardian, assure you that you have nothing to fear because the Most Holy Jesus is with you, His pierced Hand is placed on you in defense and He, He: the Incarnate Wisdom, instructs you and speaks to you with the marvelous wisdom that all wisdom surpasses.

Book of Azaria - Maria Valtorta

Book of Azaria Book of Azaria is the title of the volume that collects the lessons, attributed to the angel Azaria, on the readings of festive Masses excluding the Gospel, which is mentioned there only with brief and sporadic references, having been fully illustrated in the work of ten volumes : The Gospel as Revealed to me.

Each lesson reported in this book was given from February 24, 1946 to February 2, 1947 on the same day as the Sunday or feast on which the respective Mass was celebrated according to the liturgical calendar of that time. In order to make the lessons usable regardless of liturgical reforms, the editor-curator has inserted, at the beginning of each lesson, biblical references according to the neo-vernacular and the texts of the prayers taken from a Missal that belonged to Maria Valtorta. With such references, which characterize the current second edition of the book, they are lessons of theology and spirituality that are valid at all times.

From a theological point of view, the lessons are accessible to every category of readers due to the clarity with which they expose the doctrinal concepts. Under the spiritual aspect, the lessons are given as a guidance to the writer and, in general, to people with charisms and to their directors.

The book had its first publication eleven years after the death of Maria Valtorta, who had given it the title of Angelic Masses Angelic Masses (as lessons from an angel on the readings of Masses) and the subtitle of Directions Directions (as spiritual directives for herself and for others who are on the same path of predilection and mission).

Il titolo di Messe angeliche fu ritenuto fuorviante dal P. Corrado M. Berti, il sacerdote Servita, professore di Teologia Sacramentaria, che collaborava con l’editore come primo curatore delle pubblicazioni valtortiane. Egli giustificava quel titolo se inteso nel senso di un intreccio tra la liturgia celeste e la liturgia terrestre, arrivando a citare la vetusta preghiera eucaristica siro-antiochena, detta di S. Giacomo, nella quale si asserisce che i sacerdoti, durante il sacro rito, invocano i santi affinché offrano con loro il Sacrificio incruento. Ma temeva che il titolo Messe angeliche potesse far supporre, invece, che gli angeli siano sacerdoti e dicano Messa: pensiero che non rispecchia affatto la sana teologia e non concorda con la dottrina esposta nel libro in questione. Quanto al sottotitolo: Direzioni, era troppo generico perché potesse far comprendere che si tratta di istruzioni e direttive di una certa natura e destinate a determinate persone.

The title Book of Azaria was chosen, among the various titles suggested, because of a biblical flavor and because it drew on the thought of Maria Valtorta, who had considered herself the writer of lessons received from her guardian angel: Azaria.

  • Libro di Azaria 352 pagine in formato 14,5 x 21 cm.



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