Il percorso per la Beatificazione

Raccolta di testimonianze promossa da Emilio Pisani

presidente della Fondazione Erede di Maria Valtorta

The President of the Fondazione Maria Valtorta Cev onlus, Emilio Pisani — acting in the name and on behalf of the Foundation — has awarded the Rotal* Lawyer Carlo Fusco — Postulator of the Causes of Saints — the mandate to act with the appropriate Ecclesiastical Authority, in order to promote the collection of testimonies on the life of Maria Valtorta and, in particular, the evidence on the heroic exercise of Christian Virtues in her life.

Since Maria Valtorta died within the Archdiocese of Lucca, the Ordinary of that Archdiocese was consulted about the possibility of the Diocese of Rome being responsible for collecting the aforementioned testimonies and evidence. The Lucca Ordinary gave an affirmative answer. Therefore, a priest of the Vicariate of Rome began to collect the testimonies on the life of Maria Valtorta.

Further developments on this matter will be released on the website of the Fondazione Erede di Maria Valtorta:

La Maria Valtorta’s spirituality did not follow the conventional formation path. She was the only child of a mother who opposed religious practices and of a weak and submissive father; Maria nurtured the natural vocation to be a spouse and mother, but this was suppressed by the inflexible hardness of the maternal despotism. No one, however, could ever repress the reason of her own existence, which she declared in these terms: To me love was a binding condition to be able to live.

She was four and a half years old when, while contemplating the image of a Christ taken down from the cross, she had the intuition of the indissoluble fusion of Pain with Love. In her heart persisted “the anxiety to console Him by making herself similar to Him in the grief, He voluntarily suffered for love”. She was twelve years old when she was enrolled at the Bianconi College of Monza, under the direction of the Sisters of Mary the Child. Here she had a good religious education and a cultural enrichment. The reading, which was done in the refectory, of the History of a soul of Sister Teresa of the Child Jesus (not yet proclaimed Saint), encouraged her to walk in the same path “of trusting surrender and generous love”. Immediately before finishing her four years of College, while doing her last spiritual exercises, she listened to the sermon of a Bishop that opened her soul to embrace a life of “penitent love”. Back with her family, for some years her bond with God weakened, until the occasional reading of the novel The Saint by Antonio Fogazzaro immersed her “in the ocean of divine mercy”, leading her “to hope in the supernatural values of atonement and of repentance”. By chance, at the age of twenty-five, she found a booklet entitled “The Gospel of St. Luke”; she read the Gospel for the first time, as her only knowledge of it was coming from the Sunday homilies. The more she read it, the more she felt like “a new heart” was blossoming within her. She was almost thirty when, for sake of love, she offered herself totally to God. She writes in her Autobiography: “To offer oneself to Love means, then, to offer oneself to Pain. Nevertheless, is it painful to suffer together with Christ and for the sake of Christ? No, it is a joy, very deep, inexhaustible joy!”


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Offrirsi all’Amore vuol dire offrirsi al Dolore. Ma è dolore il patire insieme a Cristo e il patire per il Cristo? No, esso è gioia, profondissima, inesausta gioia.

Maria Valtorta - Autobiografia