Testamentary heirs of Maria Valtorta the Order of the Servants of Mary and Marta Diciotti.
The Order of the Servants of Mary, founded in the thirteenth century in Florence and active in the world, inherited the bare property of the Valtorta house in Viareggio..

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Marta Diciotti, lifelong assistant to the infirm Maria Valtorta and her confidant, inherited the manuscripts with all rights and everything else that had belonged to the mystical writer. She also had the right of life usufruct of the house. In 1998, while Marta Diciottiwas still alive, although had retired to a retirement pension for the elderly for about a year before, the Order of Servants of Mary sold the house in Viareggio to the Valtortiano Publishing Center, which later, at its own expense and with the voluntary contribution of Valtortian readers, restored it from the brackish humidity spreading from the foundations and restored it, reopening it to visitors as a house-museum.

Since 1986 Marta Diciotti had made a will in favour of the Valtortiano Publishing Center, which upon her death, in 2001, came into possession of the manuscripts and anything else that completed the inheritance of Maria Valtorta. The Valtortiano Publishing Center had been established to be the editor of the writings of Maria Valtorta. Receiving the entire inheritance of Valtorta, partly by will and partly by having purchased it, the Valtortiano Publishing Center almost identified with her person, combining the rights and duties of a publisher with the rights and duties of an author.

In 2010 Emilio Pisani and Claudia Vecchiarelli, his spouse, historical curators of the Valtortian works and owners of the Valtortiano Publishing Center established the"MARIA VALTORTA CEV onlus FOUNDATION"to re-establish the distinction between the two figures of the author and publisher and their respective roles.

As a result, the Valtortiano Publishing Center has returned to being exclusively the privileged publisher of Maria Valtorta's works, and the to be publicised through its marketing.

On 10 February 2020, the "Maria Valtorta Cev Foundation", commissioned by the Valtortiano Publishing Center and chaired by Emilio Pisani, changes its name to MARIA VALTORTA HERITAGE FOUNDATION.




The Heritage Foundation has given the mandate to collect the testimonies on the life of Maria Valtorta and, in particular, the evidence on her heroic exercise of the Christian virtues.


The app dedicated to Maria Valtorta and her literary work. Through the app it is possible to read the Gospel of the week with the relative passage by Maria Valtorta and many other readings and writings.


Maria Valtorta's main work is now translated into no less than xx languages, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The Heritage Foundation is responsible for recruiting new volunteer translators and managing and organising the progress of translations for the languages ​​still missing.


A fundamental role for the Heritage Foundation is the dissemination of knowledge of Maria Valtorta and her great literary work. We are responsible for assisting and managing volunteers nationally and internationally in order to facilitate this endeavour and protect the writings.


Having received the material assets of Maria Valtorta as an inheritance, the Heritage Foundation is responsible for preserving both their physical and moral integrity: the handwritten notebooks need constant protection to face the ravages of time in order to preserve them for the good of all.


Part of the possessions of the Heritage Foundation is the last residence of Maria Valtorta, where she received the visions and dictations of Jesus. Casa Valtorta, in Viareggio, is open to the public.


Throughout the website we provide a complete view of the Heritage Foundation and all the related activities and projects: we publish new contributions and researches through new and unpublished content, plus we manage new fundraising campaigns in order to protect Maria Valtorta's heritage and memory.


A living part of the activities of the Heritage Foundation is precisely the management of social channels in order to spread the knowledge of Maria Valtorta and her literary work.


Every month the Heritage Foundation sends a newsletter with updates on activities and projects to a vast national and international audience.



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Mission Statement

Costituita nel 2010, la Fondazione, riconosciuta come persona giuridica con la qualifica di “onlus” (organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale), ha lo scopo primario di conservare, custodire, tutelare, curare, divulgare e valorizzare, a beneficio di tutti e senza scopo di lucro, il patrimonio culturale costituito dall’eredità materiale e morale di Maria Valtorta.


The mission of the Heritage Foundation is to evangelise through the reading of the literary work of Maria Valtorta so as to illustrate the life of Jesus Christ, who lived with His Apostles, Disciples, His S.S. Mother and people in general, with the aim of forming women and men transformed in their behaviour according to the teachings of Jesus.

"Now we must continue the illustration of the Gospel for this poor Catholic world that no longer knows how to see the Gospel as the heavenly pearl of every sacred culture, the indispensable, the insuperable".

Maria Valtorta, Notebooks. 1944 (Novembre 14)

This will be done abiding by the following objectives:

  • Share the moral and spiritual values ​​of the Maria Valtorta's literary work in the name of universal brotherhood.
  • Maintain the literary integrity of Maria Valtorta's work, without any transformation, adaptation or dismemberment. 
  • Translate the work into all the languages ​​of the world.
  • Expand the Heritage Foundation in all continents in order to create a Valtortian network in order to evangelise. A network that maintains perfect adherence to the writings of Maria Valtorta, showing unity in the methods and content of evangelisation.
  • Preserve and propose every memory of the person of Maria Valtorta as an asset of public interest. 
  • Preserve and protect the original manuscripts of Maria Valtorta and take care of the maintenance and management of the Valtorta house-museum in Viareggio, so that it can continue to be open to visitors, who come from all over Italy and the world, and so that it can be held some cultural activities aimed at getting to know Valtortian writings.

The Heritage Foundation holds the legacy of Maria Valtorta for having received the ownership of her original manuscripts with copyright, the ownership of the Valtorta house in Viareggio, restored and open to visitors as a house-museum, and the ownership of each kind of documentation on the person and writings of Maria Valtorta that was found in the house.

The Heritage Foundation is chaired by Emilio Pisani, publisher and historical curator of the publications of Valtortian works, son of Michele Pisani, the printer-publisher to whom Maria Valtorta entrusted the publication of her work in 1952.

The Heritage Foundation pursues the aims of preserving and proposing every memory of Maria Valtorta and of protecting, enhancing and disseminating her writings.

The Heritage Foundation warns anyone asking for offers in the name of Maria Valtorta for an alleged introduction of the Cause of Beatification, which will begin when the competent Ecclesiastical Authority deems it appropriate.

The Heritage Foundation is not for profit and is the only one to bear the financial burdens to be incurred for the operations of collecting testimonies, which involve professional services with trips to Italy and abroad.

The Heritage Foundation can be helped with free offers, deductible from income, to be paid into the postal current account n.  0 0 0 0 0 5 0 9 8 2 4 4
or by bank transfer using the code IBAN: I T 0 8 Q 0 7 6 0 1 – 1 4 8 0 0 -  0 0 0 0 0 5 0 9 8 2 4 4.


Emilio Pisani


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