As He did not make the death of the flesh, God did not make the death of the spirit. He instead sent the eternal Resurrector, his Son, to give you Life when you had already died. […] To be alive in the Lord! There is nothing greater in beauty, joy, duration, and splendor than this. Believe this, O sons and daughters, and seek to be ‘alive.’ Alive in the Triune God, alive in the Father, alive for eternity.

(Maria Valtorta, The Notebooks. 1943, october 31)

With the wish that this 2020 Easter, marked by a pandemic that claims many corporal victims, may keep the faith of the spirits alive in the Resurrection. Best wishes!

Results of the Fundraising campaign
for the “Safeguard and conservation of autograph manuscripts”
Concluded on

The campaign opened on September 29, 2019 with a 30.000E goal to be reached by March 31, 2020.
By that date we have reached a reasonable sum of 29,003.76 euros.
The Foundation would like to acknowledge the outstanding result of the campaign, aimed at safeguarding the Valtortian autograph notebooks and to publicly address to all the offerers, young and old, the most lively and cordial thanks.
It is the duty of the Foundation to promptly inform our followers about the operations that will be carried out and the solutions that will be adopted.

Andrea Bocelli recommends reading the main work of Maria Valtorta

The name of Andrea Bocelli is added to that of the illustrious characters who, in all ages, have appreciated the opera Valtortiana. Like all readers, illustrious and non, he also derives spiritual benefits from having discovered the reading of “The Gospel as revealed to me” from Maria Valtorta. And spontaneously arises in him the desire of sharing his feelings with all those who know him and admire him. Thank you.

Online NOW the third episode of Memoir and testifies

The Maria Valtorta Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the third video episode of memoir collected by Emilio Pisani, president of the Foundation.

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