Novità editoriale

I nostri amici anglofoni, fr. Pillary e Stephen Austin mettono in luce le approvazioni di tre Beati che hanno letto Maria Valtorta (il volume è disponibile su Amazon)


Father Anthony Pillari’s thesis and now his publishing, with Step hen Austin, of this new book, Maria Valtorta’s Life of Christ, fills me with great joy. I am grateful not only for the high quality of this academic work with its profound level of research, but also for how it contributes to a deeper understanding of God’s gifts in troubled times like ours.
In early spring 1972, when I had just announced that I was going to the United Kingdom for further studies, an aunt of mine told me she wanted to give me a gift for my time abroad. I immediately hoped for some financial support and was quite disappointed when she instead handed me a box with ten books: the ten volumes of Maria Valtorta’s Poem. As it turned out, these books were much more precious than money because they changed my life and laid the foundation for my vocation to the priesthood.
The prayerful daily reading of Maria Valtorta’s great work was a catechetical formation for a young man like me who was advancing in academic studies but who was ignorant in matters pertaining to his faith. The daily reading of the Bible and the daily prayerful reading of the Poem turned out to be a “student’s retreat” and a great gift from God. May these gifts multiply a hundredfold.
With my best wishes and God’s blessing,

Msgr. Leo Maasburg
National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Austria and a close associate of Mother Teres a of Calcutta.